CB2BMWMB CAN Bus Interface

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Part no: CB2BMWMB 

Simply connect and go, no complicated programming required.

The CB2BMWMB CAN Bus interface is designed to provide a vehicle speed pulse signal (VSS) and engine speed signal (RPM) from the BMW (K1) Motorbike using a CAN Bus system.

Features built-in diagnostic LEDs to indicate CAN Bus status.

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  • BMW - (K1) Motorbike
Colour I/O Function
Black I Ground
Red I Power +12V regulated ignition controlled supply
Yellow I CAN High
Blue I CAN Low
Orange O Speed Pulse Output 12V
Green O RPM
Frequency Approx. 1Hz per mph
Output voltage 12V square wave
Minimum speed 1.7mph
Approx. pulse/mile 3600
Engine speed 2 pulses per revolution
cb-1_drawing_09The CB-1 CAN Bus interface is designed to provide a vehicle speed signal for the BMW (K1) motorbike, using a CAN Bus system.  It is programmed to automatically detect the vehicle type and it will give a frequency output of approximately 1Hz per mph.