Di104 – Pulse Amplifier

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This interface is designed to solve the problem of irregular and weak speed signals. In today’s modern vehicles it is not always advisable to just simply connect on to a speed signal wire. The speed pulse wire may be too weak or can be too heavily charged, which can cause problems with speedo’s not functioning correctly or EMS warning lights being activated. Using the DI 104 interface can help eradicate these problems. The interface also has a built in frequency divider (divided by 4) and can be used on 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles.

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dl104 Orange:  24V positive Blue:      Speed pulse input Green:    Signal output (1:4) Black:     Negative Red:       12V positive Yellow:    Signal output (1:1)

Connect the Red wire to a 1A fused positive power supply, 12 volt, or connect the Orange (short) wire to a 1A fused positive power supply (24 volt).

Connect the Black wire to the negative ground.

Connect the Blue wire to the speedometer signal in the vehicle.

Either connect the Yellow wire to the speed signal input of the system that you are installing to obtain a non-divided frequency input, or connect the Green wire to the speed signal input to obtain a frequency input that is divided by 4.

It is not advisable to use the ABS input signal.

Always check the function of the vehicle electrical system before installation. Installers do not want to be responsible for any faults that might already exist in the vehicle.

The supplier cannot be held responsible for any damage or malfunction of any system or device that could be caused by improper use of the pulse amplifier.