PS440BG Rear 4 Sensor with Buzzer

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Rear 4 Sensor kit with Buzzer

Easy Installation
Sensitivity adjustable
4 Stage Audible buzzer
Sensor installation height adjustable
Paintable Sensors 19mm
Hole cutter included
Optional Added Display (PS062)

Colour: Black Gloss – Part no: PS440BG

Also available in Black Matt (PS440M) and Silver (PS440S)

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Operating Voltage 12 / 24V DC Operating Current 20 / 200Ma Detection Range 0.2 / 1.5m

As the vehicle reverses towards an object, an audible buzzer, mounted inside the rear of the vehicle starts sounding at 3 beeps per second when the object is closer than 1.67 metres to the rear of the vehicle. As the vehicle gets closer to the object the beeping frequency increases from 5 to 8 beeps per second. When the vehicle is about 30cm from the object the beeping becomes constant (definately time to stop!).

The sensor unit is powered off the reversing lights circuit in the vehicle so it is only activated when reversing.