SL205 – Single to Twin Output

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Part no: SL205

Used for retro-fitting a tachograph to vehicles with electronic speedo. E.G. Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Peugeot Boxer etc.

The option of how to connect to the existing electronic transducer is left to the particular fitting application. In most cases all that is required is to connect the Green/Yellow wire to the signal wire of the transducer. The other two wires may be shortened, bent back and then heatshrink applied to secure the armoured cable and insulate the cut off wire.

NOTE: a signal must return to its source, i.e. earth return. On some vehicles, rust or bad connection might make this a difficult path. It is possible to overcome this by using the Blue wire and connecting it to the earth of the transducer.

Colour Code - 3 Core Yellow Tacho Plug
Brown Transducer pos. Black Supply
Blue Transducer neg. Brown Ground
Green/Yellow Signal Blue Signal 1
White Signal 2 (inverted)